Under the Patronage of H. H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Meet the startups at GFIA 2018

See it at GFIA first! Find new products from some of the industry’s brightest young companies at GFIA 2018. All of these companies will be exhibiting and many will also be presenting their new products within the Innovations Theatre.

Alternative Solutions, Morocco. Alternative Solutions is a social enterprise creating jobs and products from palm waste. http://www.a-lternative.com

Aquible, US. Aquible produces plant-based protein from water lentils using a novel extraction technology. http://aquible.com

Avanijal, India. Avanijal builds automated irrigation systems to help helps farmers to grow more with less water, labour and electricity. http://www.avanijal.com

Bioforcetech, US. Bioforcetech’s systems transform biosolids, green-waste, manure, food waste and other biomasses, into energy and soil amendment. http://bioforcetech.com

Cowlar, US. Cowlar’s smart non-invasive neck collars monitor temperature, activity & behavior of each individual cow to help improve income on dairy farms. https://cowlar.com

EnerGaia, Thailand. EnerGaia has developed a proprietary algae production system that balances the costs of system installation, maintenance, and operation with algal growth rate making them one of the most efficient producers of Spirulina on the planet. Using wasteland and urban rooftops, the system consumes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and industrial sites and converts CO2 into some of the most nutritious and easily digestible protein on the planet. Their goal? To compete with meat for protein on a price per kilogram basis. http://energaia.com

FarmAfield, US. The FarmAfield marketplace creates a way for people to tangibly invest and own livestock and crops by partnering with farmers looking to manage risk and grow their operation. This ownership behaves much like an investment in the stock market, but instead of holding an invisible share in a huge corporation, the investment is in real farmers. When you invest, FarmAfield creates a production contract between you and a farmer and when the livestock or crops are sold, you receive the returns and the farmer gets paid for the work. https://www.farmafield.com

FRESH Corporation, Switzerland. Using a closed water cycle, FRESH offers freshly caught sea fish, which have been ecologically bred in crystal clear saltwater pools without any access to the sea, using no environmental toxins, antibiotics or growth enhancers. The large saltwater pools have a water volume of more than 1,800m3 but the daily fresh water requirement to compensate for evaporation and removing fish, is less than 1% and by 2017, 100% of the power used will come from renewable energies. http://www.freshcorporation.com/en

Jozour, Egypt. Jozour is tackling the issue of agricultural waste. Currently they are using innovative technologies to produce new sustainable materials from date palm waste. www.jozour.com

Re-nuble, US. Re-Nuble uses a proprietary process to transform food waste into chemical free, organic nutrients for both soil based and hydroponic cultivation. https://www.re-nuble.com/

SOLHO, The Netherlands. The SPRHOUT (Solar-PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT) is an off-grid solar energy system which needs no access to the electricity grid or gas network, has 24/7 operation due to unique storage capabilities, and has 90% operational savings compared to current solutions. Such a solution opens new market opportunities in areas with unreliable infrastructure and substantially reduces the environmental impact of food production. http://www.solho.eu

String Bio, India. String Bio applies a biological conversion process to convert methane gas to various value added products including single cell protein used for animal feed. http://www.stringbio.com

TarSenS, Turkey. TarSens are helping farmers use precision agriculture in the region by creating a camera with Artificial Intelligence which captures and process data in real-time when attached to a UAV. http://tarsens.com

TieUp Farming, Australia. Tie Up Farming has developed a software and app for traceability in the horticulture sector. http://www.tieupventure.com/

ZELP (Zero Emissions Livestock Project), UK. Methane emissions from cows belching represent the carbon equivalent of the whole of the transport industry put together. So Using patented technology, ZELP has developed a cattle nose ring that can detect, capture, and combust the methane present in cattle’s belching. The methane is converted to carbon dioxide and water, reducing its impact on global warming by a factor of 85x and making it possible for farmers to offer meat and dairy products that meet consumers growing demand for products with a low carbon footprint. http://www.zelp.ch


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