Under the Patronage of H. H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Innovations Theatre

Looking for new ways to improve productivity? Head over to the Innovations Theatre at GFIA to enjoy a series of talks and demos from companies leading the way with new techniques and trends related to sustainable agriculture and food production. Whether you are focused on indoor farming and hydroponics, arable crops, animal production, date palm production, aquaculture, honey production or something related, you are guaranteed to find leading-edge solutions at GFIA this February. Entry is FREE – register here.

Logo Innovation Theme Speaker
Lono. A more efficient nitrogen for stressful growing conditions Crop production, Urban agriculture David Marks
Agdia Inc. 30 minute DNA test for the detection of Xylella fastidiosa bacteria Crop production; Disease & pest management; Biotechnology
Unibio. The U-loop technology® for sustainable animal feed Animal production; Climate-smart agriculture; Biotechnology; Nutrition Henrik Busch-Larsen
Invest4land. Planted and managed walnut farmlands as a profitable investment model Crop production Alper Apaydin
Geo Art Fertilizer Trading LLC. Using sapropels to increase harvests by 150% Crop production; Organic agriculture Sami Barakat
ZELP (Zero Emissions Livestock Project): Combusting cattle methane to save the environment Animal production; Climate smart agriculture Francisco Norris
Tarsens: Using AI to acquire and process precision agriculture data Crop production; Precision agriculture Celil Serhan Tezcan
DPD Ltd: Tissue cultured date palm Aquaculture; Nutrition; Biotechnology
SOLHO: Using solar energy to power off-grid horticultural projects Indoor farming and hydroponics; Renewable energy Adriano Desideri
Intravision Group: Automated large scale production of food and medicinal plants Indoor farming and hydroponics; Automation Per Aage Lysaa
SANlight: LED lighting for year-round quality crop cultivation Indoor farming and hydroponics David Schmidmayr MSc
Evergreen Farm Oy: How to take advantage of a fully sustainable indoor growing systems Indoor farming and hydroponics Ali Amirlatifi
Troforte: Introducing the innovative Troforte® Farming System Crop production; Soil healt Paul J Storer
DutchGreenhouses: Successful community greenhouses Indoor farming and hydroponics; Controlled environments; Precision agriculture Edo Raus
Urban Crop Solutions: Turnkey solutions provider for vertical farming Indoor farming and hydroponics; Vertical farming Maarten Vandecruys
Schott AG. Why tubular glass photobioreactors are best for algae production Aquaculture; Nutrition; Biotechnology Fritz W. Wintersteller
Lindsay Corp: revolutionary irrigation management solution Crop production; Water manegement John Atkinson
CRAFT: The Smart Box transforming farming in India Indoor farming & hydroponics; Sensors & automation Vijay Suresh Yelmalle
FRESH Corp: HELLO FISH FARM 4.0: It’s FRESH seafood, but there’s no ‘sea’ required Aquaculture; Urban farming Peter Zeller
SENECT: Using indoor recirculation systems to increase fish production Aquaculture Dr. Andreas Mäck
Growcentia: How microbial solutions can be applied with precision to enhance productivity Horticulture; Biotechnology; Organic agriculture; Soil & plant health Gregg Steinberg
Rana: Mass production of any date palm variety using date palm tissue protocol Date palm production; Biotechnology; Disease & pest control; Plant uniformity Dr Alidad Varshochi
AEssenseGrows: The perfect plant growth environment Indoor farming & hydroponics Phil Gibson
Re-Nuble: Transforming food waste into organic nutrients Indoor farming & hydroponics; Organic agriculture; Food losses & food waste; Soil & plant health Tinia Pina
Jozour: Meeting basic human needs with date palm by-products Date palm production; Food losses & waste Tarek Zeinah
AgUnity: Using blockchain and smartphones to transform rural communities Crop production; Food losses & waste; ICT David Davies


Held in strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, GFIA works with over 40 globally significant partners committed to using GFIA as a catalyst for change.


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